Asiatic Golden Cat by Anne-Marie Kalus


Lioness taking down an impala (by Izzy Defourny)

Anonymous asked:
whoa, buddy, calm down. does that mean you also think we should breed lions simply to conserve a color morph?

How many times do I have to insist that I wasn’t voicing my opinion. Did I ever, once say that I supported white lion conservation? No. Am I an advocate for the GWLPT? No. Do I post white lions anymore? No. Do I condone inbreeding? No.

I wasn’t trying to ‘turn’ people, or to force people into believing that white lion conservation is good or bad. I was simply trying to give them the tools to decide for themselves. There are white lions surviving in the wild today, and have been for some time without human intervention. Is that a good enough reason to keep going? Does that mean that there can be a healthy, thriving population again?

I don’t know. But whether it’s right or not, it is another factor to consider. That was all I was trying to convey.  

Approaching snow leopard (by Tambako the Jaguar)

Anonymous asked:
the global white lion trust says that white lions need to be conserved, which is ridiculous. they're not a separate species. why don't we focus on healthy lions instead of ones that are inbred and exploited?

Did you even read anything about them? 

First of all, “white lions are not a separate species”, is right which means you’re basically opposing the fact that they’re trying to conserve normal lions. 

Secondly, as I said before, white lions first appeared in the wild, and are endemic to the Timbavati region in Kruger National Park. They were all taken from and declared extinct in the wild, which means not only are they are vital part of the ecosystem there, but have every right to have a conservation backing. The GWLPT first went to the South African government with their plan, and got approval and support for it. They operate under strict and current scientific methods, which means that they can’t reintroduce animals with defective lines. If they were to do that, they’d destroy their efforts, waste valuable money and time and basically make their whole plight/company completely redundant. Their intention is to restore balance to an ecosystem, as well as replace a population that once occurred there naturally. They’re in the same boat as the people trying to conserve other lion populations elsewhere. 

Thirdly, I’m not sharing my opinion with you, these are facts and they are things that are happening in the world right now that I can’t control. I don’t know everything, and I’m happy to discuss things, but don’t come here on anon and try to shove your biased opinion down my throat. In fact, if you’re really so upset about the Global White Lion Protection Trust, then how about you voice your opinion to them, which logically, would have the most effect. 


Baby Cougar by rob.walstrom on Flickr.

Anonymous asked:
A while back you answered an ask and said that white lions are good for conservation. Unfortunately, this is not true - white lions are leucistic, which is caused by a double recessive gene from inbreeding. I'm sorry but severely inbred and unhealthy animals don't help conservation.

It is true, have you not heard of the The Global White Lion Protection Trust? White lions first appeared in the wild in 1938, not in captivity, however, I was not denying the fact that the majority of surviving white lions today are the product of inbreeding, nor have I ever defended the practice itself. I was merely pointing out the differences between them and white tigers, stating that there is a conservation value to genetically pure white lions, and that effort is in force today. 

Whilst I acknowledge this effort, I do understand the danger in promoting white lions or any other mutations, which is why I stopped posting them some time ago. I would hate to directly or indirectly create a demand for already heavily exploited animals, and I would think that would be apparent by my lack of posting them. 

Airstrip male leopard (by MalaMala Game Reserve)

Poacher faces jail after killing an Amur leopard

A Vladivostok man faces up to seven years behind bars for allegedly having poached a critically endangered Amur leopard and attempted to sell its hide. After the 32-year-old hunter began scouting offers for the rare leopard’s pelt, local police were tipped off. Officers initially posed as potential buyers before detaining the suspect and launching a criminal investigation.

The hunter may be charged with the unlawful production and distribution of a particularly rare and valuable wild animal, a charge police claim they have ample proof to back up in court. The case materials have been dispatched to a local court for judicial review.


Noor drinking from a waterhole (by dickysingh)

Cheetah love (by hpvanzyl28)

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