Approaching snow leopard (by Tambako the Jaguar)

Airstrip male leopard (by MalaMala Game Reserve)

Poacher faces jail after killing an Amur leopard

A Vladivostok man faces up to seven years behind bars for allegedly having poached a critically endangered Amur leopard and attempted to sell its hide. After the 32-year-old hunter began scouting offers for the rare leopard’s pelt, local police were tipped off. Officers initially posed as potential buyers before detaining the suspect and launching a criminal investigation.

The hunter may be charged with the unlawful production and distribution of a particularly rare and valuable wild animal, a charge police claim they have ample proof to back up in court. The case materials have been dispatched to a local court for judicial review.


Noor drinking from a waterhole (by dickysingh)

Cheetah love (by hpvanzyl28)

Male lions (by Richard Denyer)

Bonita (by Tambako the Jaguar)

The Kolsa Male, also known as Shivaji the Hulk is a huge, dominant tiger in Tadoba National Park. His ancestry is unknown, as his main territory within the southern part of the Tadoba reserve is not open to tourism, however he’s believed to be around 10 years old and has a number of females under his protection.

Photos by Anak Bhagwat

Snow leopard (by Cloudtail)

A huge male, known as Mick Jaguar, takes down a caiman in Brazil (by Maria Berggård Silow)

Leopard (by Richard Denyer)

The huge Wagdoh Male of Tadoba National Park (by viveknatan)

The Global Alliance for Wild Cats

On June 1, 2014, environmental philanthropists from China, India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States formed a new Global Alliance with Panthera committing an initial $80 Million over the next ten years to conserve the world’s wild cats and their ecosystems. Marking an unprecedented turning point for the future of wild cat conservation, the Global Alliance’s $80 Million commitment provides cornerstone funding for Panthera’s new $200 Million initiative for wild cats.

The Alliance’s $80 Million commitment will fund the most effective solutions for conserving the world’s wild cats and mitigating their primary threats: poaching for the illegal wildlife trade, retaliatory and punitive killing of cats due to conflict with people, unsustainable hunting of prey species, and the loss and fragmentation of habitat.

Initiatives funded through this commitment will focus on protecting the world’s largest wild cats - tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, cheetahs, clouded leopards, cougars and leopards – by implementing the following conservation solutions:

  • Protecting and stabilizing more than half of the world’s most important Asian tiger and African lion populations;
  • Securing the largest carnivore corridor in the world for jaguars across 18 countries in Latin America;
  • Creating community-based conservation projects in nearly all countries with snow leopard populations;
  • Reducing killing and poaching in more than half of cheetah and leopard range countries; and
  • Designing and implementing a range-wide conservation strategy for cougars, inclusive of creating corridors and recovery landscapes across North America.

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Marsh pride lioness and her new 2.5 week old cubs (by CharlesCRussell)

Honey’s boys (by ₪ Mathieu Pierre photography)

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